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Playing Blu Ray Media In Windows 7

Blu Ray technology is a sort of information storage medium whereby you can store a large amount of data over a single disc. Blu Ray discs seem very similar to that of DVDs and CDs. Blu Ray discs can store about 7 times a data a DVD can contain and still offer good results. The quality of audio and video becomes really superb. Now, how it happens is that It Uses algorithms known as codecs. These Codec's compress the orignal data, while preserving quality, and then this is stored over Blu Ray disc.
Recently microsoft has announced that Windows 7 will not be able to support playback of any type of Blu Ray media. This was due to the fact that addition of the required softwares increased the cost of operating system package by $30. Anyhow the decision of not including Blu Ray media support is not quite bad, because the users of Blu Ray are very much limited at this time, But in future that may be included in the package. That increase of $30 would have otherwise, put a useless burden over the users which are not using any type of Blu Ray media.
But if you are a Blu Ray user Then No worries, There are software packages available which will not cost you more than $30, You can use them and enjoy!.
The codecs missing are :
Softwares needed to compensate them:
1- Cyberlink Powerdvd 10
2- Corel WinDVD Pro 2010

You can buy them and enjoy the shocking quality of Blu Ray media playback.