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Preparing a Complete Memory Dump For Kaspersky

Many times you may have encountered a blue screen, during the installation of Kaspersky anti-virus. This blue screen comes update to clash between the Windows and Kaspersky drivers.
During that time your system, starts preparing a Memory Dump. This Memory Dump is created by taking the piece of the memory in which the problem occurred. These Memory Dumps provide useful information on the issue that what problem was caused and due to what reasons. But most often the Memory Dumps created by the system are not so much useful as they do not contain complete information.
It will be very helpful for the kaspersky support team, If you send them the Memory Dump reports that contain complete information. You can easily create Memory dumps by just following these steps. One thing you should keep in mind is that you are supposed to have RAM Chip of at least 4 MB. And at least one of partition of your hard drive should be larger than 4 MB. 
1- Just go to properties of My computer icon by, selecting it and clicking the right button of your mouse. A window will appear. Now move towards the advanced tab and click it.
2- Click the Settings button, under Start up and Recovery. Now there will appear the Window "Start-up and Recovery", Now from the drop down menu in Debugging information, You have to select Complete Memory Dump, And Check the box, in front of which it is written to Overwrite any existing files. Now press OK. And you are done!
3- Now you are able to produce a Complete Memory Dump. You can repeat the process during which the blue screen occurred. A Complete Memory Dump will be prepared for you by the system which you can post to the Kaspersky team, which may enable them to better cope with the problem.