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How To Prevent Your Laptop From theft?

is a free application which can help prevent
the theft of your laptop
or valuable confidential information.

This application
consists of 5 alarms
and other security features
to protect your computer and your

Anti-Theft Alarm:
Rings an alert sound when someone steals your laptop, by doing any action, such
as disconnecting the power cable.

Perimeter alarm: Perimeter
Alarm rings if the laptop moves out of any certain area. This feature has been
enhanced in particular in newer versions. Which allows faster and reliable zone
change detection alert.

Inactivity Alarm:
If the computer is left idle for a certain long period of time.

Battery Alarm:
If the laptop is downloading something, issues an alert informing you about the
indication of a possible loss of data.
Also alarm when the battery is
under stress in order to preserve the battery capacity and prolong the battery

Disco Alarm:
Indicates that the hard drive needs to be replaced or repaired to prevent data

If the thief turns off the laptop instantaneously, the
alarm will not stop from ringing after the laptop is restarted. The application
also supports an option to automatically send an email to your Email address,
if laptop is connected to internet.

LAlarm is continuously improving in its later versions,
trying to provide more security and user friendly options.

Certainly the application is useful but it is always advisable
to better take care of your things.

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