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How to Recover Data from Scratched CD/DVD Discs?

Many people
use optical compact discs to store back-ups or other similar important data.
But unfortunately optical compact discs are not a reliable way to store data
securely. The main and perhaps the only most significant problem with CDs/DVDs
is that they easily get scratched due to extreme sensitivity. But now-a-days many
tools have been developed by which you can easily extract your valuable data to
much extent from CDs/DVDs or other Blue Ray media devices.

applications traverse through every sector and try to recover as much data as
possible. The algorithms mainly work on trend tracing principle. So, keep
praying while the software extracts the data for you. The application is
available free of cost at Martrik scorps’s blog.

Author claims
that the software is extremely useful for recovering images, music files and

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