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How to Upload MP3 songs on YouTube?

YouTube is a going quite
and if you do not
believe then take a look at YouTube Music, until Google realized it, and also
there are a lot of people who do not use it for viewing videos, but also to listen to music.

If you have your song in MP3
format but no video and want to share in that portal, the online application MP32Tube can help you. The tool
helps you to create video of your song
so it can be seen by millions of Internet users on YouTube. Yes, you can create a YouTube
video from an MP3 file. All for free.

The two files needed to
create the video MP32Tube are:
An image file and the MP3 audio file. The free version allows this. But if you upgrade to
premium version, it will additionally help you to make video out of uploaded

As a recommendation I warn
you should keep in mind that the songs uploaded to YouTube
using the service MP32Tube should be preferably of your own, to avoid problems
of copyright, which could cause you to withdraw your videos on YouTube.

Among other advantages the
site also allows you to transform an MP3 to an output
file in FLV.
Now with the images attached you can upload the
file to without taking any help from any other program.

On the other hand, if you want
to only listen music out of YouTube videos, you can use ListenToYoutube.com, a
portal that will extract audio from video and lets you download MP3, again free and with no
registration required.

Link | MP32Tube