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Keyboard Shortcut For Copying Plain Text From Google Chrome

There are many reasons why you want to copy a richly
formatted text or HTML text to any other file or editor. If you like, using Google
Chrome , and want to copy and paste only plain text
today I will show you a keyboard shortcut that will make this possible, without
that we were supposed  to first copy it
to a notepad to get it as plain text.

We know that to copy text from internet, or other objects in
Windows, we have the option of CTRL + C but
this will also copy the font type, format, color, etc. If you only want the plain
text you can use, Google Chrome, the key combination Ctrl + Shift + V. 

This can be particularly useful if, for example, we are
working with a document in Google Docs and want to copy a section of text from
a webpage as part of the body of an email. Then
this combination is of particularly important in terms of time saving.