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Make Phone Calls with Google Voice Using Gmail

What until recently was a
strong rumor is now a reality. Google announced integration between its service
Google Voice and its mail system, Gmail, as a further step in advancing
telephony using IP connections to make it more formal.

What does this mean? Google Voice service allowed leaving
and receiving voice messages using the Gmail service.
The novelty is that now
the service, fully integrated into Gmail, you can make calls using the same
mail interface to mobile phones and fixed.

The service has opened the
doors not only to the United States and Canada,
but to many other countries, except in some countries. The service itself is free
until end of year, while others will pay charges which they regard as crazy.

Dialing a number to make a call from Gmail is same as a normal phone.
We can see in the
picture above some of that, but if you have more questions about the use of the
service you can move to this official link (and do not forget to download and install the plug-in
by visiting the link at the bottom of this post).

Suddenly the internet has
shaken and some forums and blogs have already dubbed this Google service like Skype killer (murderer of Skype). Maybe a little of it should be; especially now
when Skype goes having problems after blocking access to popular Fring