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Speed up Windows startup with Startup Booster

Many applications installed on your computer, attach on startup automatically, consequently resulting in a slow startup of Windows. Generally these applications are not necessary made for it, therefore it is advisable to eliminate them and thus accelerate the starting of Windows, for that purpose we recommend Startup Booster.

Staturp Booster is a free application that allows you to optimize various ways, the beginning of Windows, by removing applications that run at startup, cleaning registry and removing unremoved garbage of partially uninstalled programs etc.
In worst cases, Startup Booster shows if your start Windows applications at startup are the System User or a malicious Virus. If you have questions, you can select and click Ask Google, which will generate a Google search for the term necessary, to identify if the process is indispensable or not.

This will not improve Windows performance, just a little speed up system startup and you will not have to wait long.

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