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What is Gmail Priority Inbox service?

Improvement after improvement, Google continues to improve
its mail service, Gmail, The idea is that emails can be grouped
in groups of urgent or important mails, bookmarks and other emails that can
wait. and
now released a new feature which is in beta at this time. This is priority

Gmail will be able to predict
the priority of our mailings based on the interaction we have with certain
Gmail accounts or mailing lists. This
service is to improve the productivity of users of the mail service, improving
what was already somehow better with spam filters.

Gmail Inbox

There are many organizations and
individuals also, who receive an average of 150 or more emails a day. But
thanks to the Gmail Priority Inbox service
which can be optimized in the time we spend in reviewing a new e-mail. As
mentioned above, this new Gmail inbox is grouping into 3 main sections: "Important and unread",
and "Anything

Since Google will determine importance by using algorithms
(and his magic formula), which will be the initial priority of the emails in
the inbox, but we ourselves can keep improving the ranking of importance.

To be still in a beta (a preliminary version) the priority
input tray in Gmail (Priority
Inbox) is disabled by default, so it is a feature that should be activated. You
only must log in to Gmail and in the upper right corner you will see a tag
(atleast now-a-days) that informs us of the new Priority Inbox.

 Click on "Try it now." After that you will see a window
welcoming us to use the new Gmail priority mail with a preview of the organized
groups of our new inbox and we will make changes with the buttons we mentioned.
With email now organized in priority groups, we will be at ease. We can even
change the way the emails have been prioritized, set up filters, etc. We can also totally disable the feature, if we