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Apple’s Release of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

Apple is reportedly going to launch new version of Mac OS X called "Lion" on October 20. The event has been named“Back to the Mac” and is going to be held in San Francisco.

Most surely the launch of this new version at this time is to threaten the most established competitor, Microsoft who is ruling on the heart of its users with the most well known operating system, Windows 7.
Rumors are that this new operating system will have certain special features such as support of your AirPrint,for IOS, and will have improvements to Time Machine, this is a tool used to make automatic backups.will have wireless printing technology
Moreover rumors are on the internet about that Apple CEO Steve Jobs is going to launch a newer version of Tablet iPad, which will carry the improvements like a front video camera for video chat. The new Tablet will be available to users at the end of this year.
Apple is very much reluctant to expose any slightest details about its new operating system, but a covestion is going on for the selection of image cover for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.