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Application to Automatically Turn Off Your PC

At times we are in situation when we want to leave our PC turned on. For example if you are in a middle of downloading a large file, or your antivirus software is scanning your hard drive and it is expected to complete in several hours, then you may want to quit your PC, allowing him to do his job. For that type of situations the best solution is to use a program to turn off your PC automatically after the work in progress is complete.
Fortunately there is a nice application available known as WindOff. As its evocative name suggests the application is meant for automatically turning off PC after a certain defined period. Moreover the application also lets you to synchronize your PC with the application watch. With the help of this feature your PC will be turned off automatically when the desired operation completes.
The program even provides the facility of an alarm and other alerts (running the default sound or a custom WAV). Moreover the application allows you to automatically take screen shots exhibiting the state of our PC at defined time intervals or just before turning off. The images are saved in JPG format and not weigh more than 130 KB.
Another benefit is that your PC is not turned off violently rather, all the closed applications are closed before turning off your machine. This avoids you seeing the obnoxious scandisk when you restart the system.
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