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Browser Wars | Most Popular Browsers

A lot of new browsers have entered the market recently in four to five years. A company known as Net Applications Inc, has prepared an analysis report for most popular browsers usage and their market shares.
Internet Explorer a giant in Browser industry is continuously losing users and the trend is the same for last 2 – 3 years. However in spite of decreasing popularity it is still the most dominant one in the market.
Internet Explorer holds a share of not less than 66.82% of the total. However, Microsoft has taken steps remedy the situation in its new release Internet Explorer 8, which has brought in much new functionalities and enhanced security features. And we all know Firefox is the most significant rival of Internet Explorer. More and more visitors are moving to Firefox while leaving IE. Firefox is the second most used browser in the world with a market share of about 22.05%. And the graph for Firefox is going upward as opposite to Microsoft. This makes clear to us that engineers at Firefox are working hard to eat the delicious cake in this world of competition.
The rest of guys include Safari from Apple which showed its appearance on iPhone / iPod Touch in addition to Windows. Safari holds a market share of about 8% and stands third on the list. Opera on the other hand makes up only 0.70 % of the whole market.However, the main market for Opera right now is the Opera Internet browser for mobile devices and in this field it is doing comparatively better. Opera is improving itself in terms of speed and security and we hope that it would do a better job in near future.
The rest remains the Google Chrome, the late comer. Google Chrome on its release inspired and attracted a large number of people due to its simple and intuitive design. Moreover Google is doing very hard in promoting his brand by advertising online and in printing press also. Google Chrome has performed very well and currently it has surpassed the Opera by gaining 1.23% of the market total browser market.
Moreover Chrome is growing in terms of users; Google is releasing its new versions almost regularly. Most attracting feature in Chrome is its simple design, which changed the whole trend in browser design industry.