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Canned Responses in Gmail Allows You to Send Predefined Messages

The Canned Responsesfeature in Gmail allows us to quickly respond to some common type of emails by using predefined responses. The canned responses approach can be practical in many cases for example, for sending birthday greetings to your friends, you can write a general email, which you can send to your friends now and then on their birthdays. The email you will produce will be somewhat general, but you can customize by quickly making small edits.
Moreover many times our friends ask to send the contact details. For this you can simply prepare a message which you can simply send in case. This way you will be able to answer these types of emails in few simple clicks.
To set up the option of Canned Responses in Gmail, simply move to Google Labs icon and activate the option "Canned Responses. Save the changes.
After saving changes you will be able to view the option of Canned Responses below the Subject field in your email account.