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Four Choices to Customize Menu of Ubuntu

There is no doubt that Ubuntu is the distribution of Linux-based software most popular and best-reviewed. However there is a point that has not yet completed form to the users: the menu bar.
Many think it occupies too much space and does not offer everything you need, so here are some recommendations that we can install to give a personal touch to your operating system.
Gnomenu : The best known of the menus available. It is easy to use, very intuitive and customizable aesthetic tastes and functional needs of each user.
Cardapio : Another very professional and works really well. It is highly customizable and allows installation of different supplements and additions that are really interesting.
Ubuntu System Panel : As above, it can be customized depending on the needs or tastes of individual users. It also allows the installation of plugins to enable some specific tools within the same menu.
MintMenu : This is adapted from a menu that offers Linux Mint. It works great, but do not have the degree of customization do have the ones mentioned above.
The truth is that all options are sober and work really well. Each offers different customization options that meet the needs of those sitting at the computer.
As a recommendation for those just beginning to work on Linux operating systems, it is best to start with Gnomenu as it offers an aesthetic sense that is assimilated enough with Windows and allows easier transition for those who are used to Microsoft software.