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Four Most Popular Backup Applications for Linux

There is not great stress put upon back up applications for distributions of Linux. Considering this I want to narrate some applications, which have proved themselves as best for backing up your files and other supporting applications on Linux based Operating Systems.
Mint is a best application I can say, but included only in the distribution of Linux Mint 9. There is no scheduling option which you might consider as its drawback as you will have to perform all actions manually. However the design is simple and interface is intuitive.
Simple Backup is yet another application which allows you scheduled backups which are performed automatically. Moreover it tells you which files it supports and which does not.
Synchrorep also works very well but is not prepared specifically for backup. This program works as file synchronizer. If you already have a backup we can compare the directories of your computer to copy the files that were not included initially in the backup.
OpenSuse is a wonderful backup application that lets you backup all the data present on your hard drive, or USB Flash memory device.