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Google Chrome PDF Viewer

Most major browsers in market now-a-days do not provide built-in feature to read PDF files. You have to load a third party application only to a PDF file. This feels pretty annoying when you are working on a project and disturbs your concentration and working flow.
But now fortunately new comer Google Chrome has provided a plug-in which we can use to load PDF documents in the same browser windows without the need of any third party application. PDF viewer has been installed in Chrome browser as a part of it but is disabled by default so all you have to do is to activate it.

In only three simple and straight forward steps, you can activate the PDF viewer.
· Write chrome://plugins in the address bar.
· Find Chrome PDF Viewer.
· Enable
Isn’t simple it is? Enjoy Fluent browsing without the need of any third party application…! Additionally a good thing is that you don’t need to restart or log off your system, rather the changes are exhibited instantaneously.