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How to Instantly Switch Between Operating Systems? : iReboot Tool

All users of computer which have more than one operating system installed on their machines often want to switch between different operating systems. But sitting in front of computer, seeing start up screens upon every boot waiting for the other operating system to start is a very hectic and tiring process which we all want to skip.
That is why to make our life easier while we are at front of our computer; the developers at NeoSmart Technologies have created a very useful application for us known as iReboot, which allows us to instantly switch between different operating systems without the need of booting again and again

iReboot automatically places the list of operating systems available at your machine and then shows them in a tray in a form of a menu, which allows us the rapid selection of operating system we want to use on our PC.
IReboot have options which are very simple and consistent. An interesting feature that provides us the application is able to choose the way in which the selected operating system is started. The application provides us with two options, either we want to start the desired operating system on next boot or we want to switch at the very next moment without booting.
The interesting thing is that apart from being available for free the application uses very limited system resources. The one thing to keep in mind is that iReboot is fully compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows Seven but not with Linux.