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How to Organize Documents According to Calendar?

Nemo Documents provides access to texts, images and audio files by separating them by date on a calendar.  It helps to arrange the documents by date of creation or last modified date. This makes much easier to finding the desired files. Moreover, to facilitate the search, the program allows you to filter the results.

After installing the program, you can add folders to be listed. By default, Nemo adds Documents and folders from the Desktop and My Documents, and each time a new item is stored in these folders, the program automatically adds it synchronizing it with the calendar. If you want to add any other folders manually in the list, click the "+" and select the desired folder.
At its interface, the program allows you to view documents by interval of time: days, weeks, months and years. It also allows viewing files and folders in a list sorted by date.
If you're used to working with labels to organize information, Nemo Documents will be even more helpful. The program can include user-customized tags to identify documents.
Nemo Documents runs at Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.