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How to Permanently Show Menu Bar in Internet Explorer 8 and 9?

Recently, web browser developers are choosing minimalist designs, among which include menu bars hidden by default etc.
 Both Internet Explorer 8, and Internet Explorer9, have the menu bar hidden by default,fortunately shown after pressing the 'Alt',and removed after making a click or pressing any key. Unfortunately, browser cannot be configured to make it remain always visible, but we can to do it by modifying a registry key in Windows.
To begin press: 'Windows Key + R', and inside the box appeared, type 'Regedit'. After that we have to go to the following directory: "HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ Main '.
Note: If the folder does not exist in 'Internet Explorer',you must create itby right-clicking on the folder named 'Microsoft'and selecting 'New' -> 'Key' from the context menu. In the same way we have to create the folder 'Main'in the folder 'Internet Explorer'.

Once created we must create a new key inside the folder 'Main', we need to right click and select 'New' and select 'DWORD Value (32-Bit) "and name it as' AlwaysShowMenus'.Finally double click on the key that you created and change its value from '0' to '1'.
As a result we get the menu bar always visible, if you want to revert back the changes just change the value from ‘1’ to ‘0’. Finally, to comment that to make the changes take effect, you have to restart your computer.