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How to Remove Unnecessary Registry Files? : Registry Clean-up and Back-up

Windows keeps a record of lot of registry entries that come in part from uninstalled programs. These entries eventually accumulate there. All of these unnecessary entries slows down your computer and can also result in system errors.

To counter this problem, there are several programs that clean the registry by removing invalid or duplicate references. One such program is Baku, which offers some other features like the ability to back up the registry, as well as troubleshooting.
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Why should I clean my registry?

Over time, the Windows Registry can begin to contain information that's no longer valid. Any application that does not uninstall properly, or does not have an uninstaller, can leave entries in the registry.

In some cases this leads to performance or even stability problems. Eventually this orphaned or misplaced information accumulates and begins to clog your registry, potentially slowing down your PC and causing error messages and system crashes. You might also notice that your PC's startup process is slower than it used to be. Cleaning your registry is the easiest way to help avoid these common problems.

Compacting the Registry

The registry files in Windows can become fragmented over time, occupying more space on your hard disk than necessary and decreasing overall performance.

The program works by recreating each registry hive "from scratch", thus removing any slack space that may be left from previously modified or deleted keys. Note that this function does NOT change the contents of the registry in any way, nor does it physically defrag the registry files on the drive. The optimization done is simply compacting the registry hives to the minimum size possible.
The operation of Baku is quite simple. The program finds unnecessary temporary files. The user chooses the cleaning mode, sets some options to look for unnecessary data and then chooses which files will be he wants to delete.
Baku is available for Windows XP, Vista and 7. .NET Framework 3.5 is required for running Baku.