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Secure Your Games by Creating Backup

Who said that the backups are only made for sensitive data and information? Maintaining backup for gamesis also of great importance. Many times a game gets deleted accidently or the saved game becomes corrupted.

SaveGameBackupa portable application that helps in generating backups of the games installed on your machine. The application scans the system and then displays a list of games that are found. The application Supports 559 games and 10 applications at this time. Unfortunately you cannot add games manually, so you have to select from those that are shown in the list.
What you have to do is to check the games of which you want to make a backup. After selecting the folder where you want to save the backup, next click "Backup”.  Saved games are stored as executable files in the selected folder. Try to select a secure zone for placing the backups. To restore a game, simply double-click the executable file.
SaveGameBackupis compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.