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Tips You Should Know To Avoid Laptop/PC Overheating

One of the major evils that affect the performance of your computer is rise in temperature, which in extreme cases may cause the electrical components to malfunction. You should take effective preventive measures to in this regard before the time comes when you become able to fry an egg on the casing of your machine.

Overheating is mainly due to the accumulation of dirt in fans and the holes in the casing meant for expelling hot air. The dirt accumulates in these regions over time and eventually may cause blockage in the air passages. It is highly recommended that you keep them clean. For blowing the pesky dirt you can use compressed air which is available at most computer stores. But beware that compressed air is NOT hair spray, environmental deodorant or any aerosol.
If your system is placed on the ground then it surely means that you are inviting the dust into your system.  You should try to place your CPU on any furniture. While placing you should keep one thing in notice, that is do not place your CPU stuck to the wall. As the fans expel air, you should provide an adequate path for air flow.
Don’t use vacuum cleaner for to suck the accumulated dust as it may prove very dangerous. This is because they produce a lot of static charge which may destroy sensitive electronic components inside your machine, in event a spark occurs.
Don’t leave any objects like papers or books on your monitor as it may cause hurdle in passage of air flow. If you have removed any components from your CPU, then you should ensure that the cables are not blocking the air flow. In notebooks and laptops if you feel keyboard hotter than usual it may be an alarming situation as hard drive typically, is located just below the keyword. Pay a visit to a technician if this happens. He will retune your laptop or notebook.
If your PC is placed in a congested space any you have added many hardware for increasing performance like video cards etc, then it is recommended to uncover your PC, because additional hardware restricts the air circulation path. But in that case you should take an extra care like not bringing eatables near your machine while you are at work. Otherwise you can choose to add an extra fan.
Laptops and Notebook computers are generally more prone to air blockages and eventually heating up. This is because there is little room inside them. You should take extra care to avoid placing them on surfaces which deform resulting in a total blockage of holes specified for expulsion of hot air. For example avoid placing your laptop on bed or sofa etc.
There are many different accessories available in market which keeps your system cool and avoid aver heating. For example chill mats are available which are powered by USB ports, which you can use to avoid overheating of your laptop.
And finally for keeping a close eye on your system’s temperature there are several software applications available which you can install on your machine. These applications let you monitor the temperature of your system in Degrees and Fahrenheit. And many of them also notify you in case the situation is alarming.