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Best Locations To Place Adsense Link Units: Boost Your CTR By 400 %

Adsense link units are smaller in size than usual Adsense for content ads, but they can prove extremely useful in boosting your CTR if used strategically.
And good news is that google was working on them for a long time to make them more targeted with your content. And finally google team is very much successful. Now link units have became more powerful than ever.

To make most of adsense link units you must place them at places where they look like an integral part of your website or blog. Virtually there are many such locations where you can place them and make most of them. Some of the best I have compiled for you are:
1- Link Placement at the Top, Below the Banner
As we know that the location at the top most, below the manner is oftenly used for navigation display of website pages. Link units if are placed there with right font and colour will actually make them an integral part of your website.
2- Link Placement at the Side Pane
Most websites have index present in a pane, present at the left or right side of the webpage. If someone wants to explore your website he will unintentionally move toward the pane showing the index. Link units fit best there, if chopped in right manner to make them look like an integral part of your website.
3- Link Units below the Search Box
One of the best stratagies for link units is to place them below a search box. They catch lot of attention there. The best way is to place the search box at the bottom of your page. This way the seach box and link unit's combinational look will invite visitors to explore more of your content.
There is a big chance that user instead of inputting into search box will click the link unit directly, because Google has enhanced the link unit relevancy algorithm.
You yourself can feel the appealing look they present.