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Digital Pen For Scanning All Types Of Paper Contents | Scan Hand Written Content In 20 Languages

Steadtler is one of the most recognized and well known companies in the world, whenever it comes to stationary items used for writing purposes like pencils, pens etc. But now Staedtler has jumped into digital world of stationery items in addition to conventional writing elements.

The German company has introduced a digital pen which can be used to transcribe every thing from a paper. The pen consists of a digital transcriber along with a digital infrared transmitter. Pen comes up with a clip which is connected to computer with the help of a cable. Clip serves the purpose as receiving end for the infrared signals coming from pen, which are then directed into the computer. Clip also holds the paper pad as a secondary purpose.

The digital pen is also capable of scanning letters, hand written content, manuscripts, graphics, drawings etc. And this is not all, the gadget also support 20 languages.
The most interesting feature which fascinated me is that all the digitization of paper content happens in real time and you can instantly see the result on your computer screen for what you are pointing on by pen. Moreover gadget works well with different applications of the office suite on Microsoft operating systems.
Digital pen costs $143 at this time. May be the price seems a lot but the device proves the value of every penny.



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