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Ecosearch, Environment Friendly Search Engine

A non-government organization has newly launched a new search engine having name Ecosearch. This organization works for the betterment of the environment. The search engine is rather a coustom search engine of Google, embedded on a page. It provides you a way to help this non-profit organization, without any effort.

Actually when you make any search in google, many times you come up with results having sponsored links at the top. These links are from Google’s ad inventory, from its advertising program, known as adsense. Adsense works on a cost per click basis. Whenever someone clicks on any of the ad-links a share of advertising revenue is shared between the advertiser and publisher.
Now what Ecosearch has done is that, it has launched google's coustom search engine via a domain name Ecosearch. You are requested to make this page as your homepage, by the company. The search results are almost the same as provided by Google itself. Someone performs a search and clicks on any advertisement link, and then Google shares an amount with Ecosearch, which is then totally donated, to charities. In this way funds are generated by this organization, without costing you any effort.

Link | Ecosearch