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How to Edit Google Docs From Android, Apple iPhone and iPad?

Google has now released Google
Docs editing options which are compatible with Android operating system as well
as with iOS
. More precisely the Google
Docs editing can now be done from Android-based handsets running Froyo version
2.2 as well as from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running Apple iOS version 3
or higher.
So now you can access your Google Docs from mobile devices like
Apple iPad and iPhone devices.  No need
to wait for internet access from your computer any more, now with the help of
this feature you can edit Google Docs,
can update and share the changes you made to your documents and additionally to
spread sheets
with others on the go. This is a nice improvement and you can
say it as a major advantage over the others like Microsoft Office.

At this time the feature is available for English language
only, but Google is considering adding support for other languages soon. Google
is going wild day by day in cloud computing and releasing new features day by
day. For example, recently in an update Google provided users of Google docs
with a sidebar showing the users editing the documents from your account, also
you can chat with the person and see his edits not word by word but character
by character in real time.

For people having slow mobile internet connection, Google
has reserved listview especially for them. Moreover for accessing spreadsheets
from a slow connection you can do so by “lightweight” Version of Google Docs.

Additionally you can use Voice control feature of Android
for editing purposes. You can go full screen to enjoy full screen editing.
Google docs mobile editing is particularly useful for users who want to remain
in touch while editing documents in real time.


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