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How To Extend Life Of Plasma And LCD Screens

A lot many people now-a-days prefer to buy LCD and Plasma monitors and televisions. But not many of them know that improper use may lead to decrease in life significantly.
Any commodity has some specific average life, but the poor use decreses the life. This does not happen because it has poor quality but lack of intrest in proper maintenancedoes so. To prolong the life of our Plasma and LCD screens for as long as possible, we must consider several simple recommendations and actions to take.

"The lifetime  of each screen depends directly on the care that each person has taken and can go from eight years if used continuously 24 hours a day, up to 10 and 25 years if given an average usage of eight hours daily" said by an expert at National Distribution AOC.
At times we see many LCD screens with uneven colour distibution problem. This happens because LCD screen contains fluorescent bulbs that correspond to the light on screen. These bulbs typically have less life than the screen itself. As a result colour distibution becomes uneven.
One important tip for Plasmabuyers: If you want to buy Plasma screenthe then it is recommended not to keep it ON for more than 6 to 8 hours daily, for first 3 weeks.
Another very common reason that can cause significant damage to device is electrical voltage fluctuations. They can cause harm to your device either partially or in many cases totaly.
To avoid this, those who live in areas that have normal voltage fluctuations, should consider purchasing a UPS type regulator. These electrical equipments 'clean' the electrical voltage by damaging fluctuations and also eliminate the harmonics and transient currents.
For Plasma TVs it is recommended to consider specialists for connecting cable connection. Because any improper connection attempt can cause permanent damage to power supply, tuner or any other electrical or electronic component. Moreover it may also cause lack of image quality.
Another advice which experts give is not to apply constant pressure on LCD screen as it can lead to dispalcement of liquid crystal material, hence causing permanent damage to the internal panel.
Moreover it is important to note that for both technologies (LCD and Plasma) you should not leave the screen displaying static images for long period of time. Otherwise it may cause the screen permanently marked. This is typically known as Burn Out. However you should know that all is not lost as there is a 'clean' button present on the menu which can reset the screen to some extent.
When it comes to cleaning the LCD or Plasma screens you should take into consideration, not to use any chemically which is potentially damaging. You should take extra care in this regard. The best choice is to wipe the scren with moist cloth or use special fluids for cleaning.
Remember, being careful to your equipment is the key for its extended life.