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How To Install Applications From Android Market

If you want to install any application, then the best way is to search and choose from a large list of softwares available at Android market. Android market is same as AppStore of Apple. Likewise android developers have developed a market for Android smart phones. Android market contains thousands of applications which you can download for free, but some cost you money. These applications are provided by third party application developers. As we know that Android, developed by Google is growing as a popular platform for smartphones, likewise Android market is also growing at its full pace.

You can very easily download and install different applications. Only you have to follow these simple steps.
1- Go to Applications menu and open Android market from there. You will get a list of options like Applications, Softwares, and Games etc. Now you can select what you desire.
2- Click the option and you will be presented with a list of softwares. Clicking on any option will provide you with more information about the application, its cost, user rating and comments provided by recent users of the software, or game. You can also give any comments if you want, after using the software.
3- Now at the bottom of screen you will find the install button. Just click it and you have done your job.
Removing the Installed Application
If you want to remove any installed software, do this.
1- Go to Android menu.
2- Choose settings and then move to Applications. Click on manage button.
3- You will see a list of your installed softwares, Click any one and hit uninstall. Your application will be uninstalled.