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Manually Removing Spywares, Trojans, Malwares, Adwares

Now-a-days your computer is potentially surrounded by many threats especially if you are
connected to internets. Everyday newer type of worms, malwares, adwares, spywares, and viruses are originating. So
it is recommendable to have some knowledge, about dealing with them.

Most of the time when any malicious content is installed in your computer, it tries to root
itself in the registry of your machine. This type of trend is commonly shown by
adwares and spywares which are
becoming increasingly popular.

Whenever any type of malicious
is installed on your computer it shows itself as some type of legitimate
program. You can locate them easily by going to task manager.

Go to task manger by right clicking on task bar. A window
will open. Simply select the process tab. Choose the process which is
suspicious to you, and end it. As you end the process it will stop performing. But
you have to be very careful because there are also many critical processes running
there, which are crucial for proper functioning of your system.