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Reduce Loading Time Of Website Using Google Tool | Mod_PageSpeed

Google is on his way of making himself and the web faster and faster. Google Instant is a one example. Google is continuously trying and working hard to make the web experience of common web user a fun. Recently Google released a new image format of its own named WebP, which is said to be comparatively much lighter than other available image formats. This approach of making the web faster in long run is beneficial for Google too. Making the web faster will drive more people to it and thus it will increase the probability of using Google based products.

And now Google has released new software which is said to make the websites load twice as fast. The software is free and is known as Mod_PageSpeed. The software can be installed on apache based web servers, which are the most common ones. The software automatically figures out ways to make the loading of any website faster. It tends to store specific parts of any website in user’s browser cache, to eliminate the need of downloading all data again and again every time a website is loaded. The software updates automatically so once installed there is no need to worry about updating. Reportedly this approach is said to be twice as much effective than the previous ones. It will help considerably reduce the loading time of any website. The software has been tested by Google on some sample websites and the results are amazing. It helped the websites to load three times as faster as before.
Website loading timecarries much importance now-a-days as Google recently added the loading time as a parameter in determining Page Rank. Websites having lesser loading time have greater probability of lying above in search engine results pages (SERPS). Sites which take enormous amount of time to load may be penalized by search engines.
As it comes to technicalities required for using Mod_PageSpeed, no such skills are required to use it. Mod_PageSpeed has been actually targeted towards the people having little technical knowledge or have less time to give for website optimization. You can download the source code from the link given below. The link below also contains all the information you need to initialize.
Download | Mod_PageSpeed