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Tool To Transform Text Into MP3 Audio In Male / Female voice

There are many tools available online for transforming text into audio but most of them lag in the quality of the audio which they present. Either the voice is not appropriate or the pronunciation is not up to the mark. The default tool available in Windows for transforming text to audio has the same problems.

However, Surfing through the web I found a great tool known as vozMe. The tool is different from other text transforming softwares in the sense that it is available online so reuqires no installation. Moreover you can feed a text file and the tool will transform into an audio MP3 file. You can them instantly download the MP3 file to your computer. The tool is totally free and supports many major languages. Pronunciation is considerably nice than most other text transforming tools available. An additional functionality is that you can transform your text both into male and female voices. This is not all, webmasters can also benefit by embedding the tool into their website or blog. Thus enabling the readers to hear the posts with one click, instead of reading. All these features are great and make vozMe a great tool. You can download the tool from the official website from the link given below.