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Top 5 Reliable Password Protection Services / Tools

The continued growth of internet has now made our life fun. This revolutionary growth and advancement has revolutionized the whole concept of business, workplace and entertainment. Now we don’t have to traverse through tons of books to find our desired piece of information, rather the whole information is at a distance of a few clicks. However on the other hand internet has also proved to be a home to spam for internet pirates. So it becomes totally inevitable to take steps for securing your online entity.
Sensitive information is also stored on internet for example, information related to business plans, financial information, sensitive personal information etc. These all informations are mainly stored behind secure passwords. Our total security of information relies on the strength of our passwords. Moreover due to increasing threats prevailing on internet and also due to lack of awareness among common people, it is increasingly becoming common and easy to hack any profile behind any powerful password. Most of the time hacking is done with the help of key loggers which sit quietly in your machine and send all the “key-pressed” data outside without your consent.
To help you safeguard your password I have come up with some most useful password protection tool available online to help you keep your passwords secure from hackers. Here is the list of top 5 password protection tools:

LastPass : LastPass is an online password protection tool which is much popular now-a-days. Its peculiar point is that it is compatible with various operating systems like Linux, Mac OS X etc in addition to windows. This tool works with all most used popular browsers like Internet explorer, Mozilla Fire Fox, Chrome and Safari along with many others. The tool is available in the form of an extension which you can plug into your browser. Its premium membership costs only $1 dollar only. That is why LastPass stands in the list of most reliable as well as cheapest. 

Clipperz : Clipperz is also a well-known service. It is an open source service which is free for all. The best thing is that it is free for ever. If you want any password manager which can be feasible for team use then Clipperz can be your choice.

PassPack : Another very much formal password protection service is well known for its reputation. PassPack is free for individual users. But if you want to use it for a team then you will be charged. You can control all your stored passwords from a single window.

Mitto : Mitto is another good service but fairly unknown. With the help of Mitto you can save your passwords in bulk, if you carry large number of accounts. You can then log on to any of the service without entering your password, with the help of one click. You can access your passwordsfrom any computer either you are at home, at university, at office or anywhere else, you can enjoy secure browsing without any risk.
The elimination of need to retype your password again and again will certainly rule out the possibility of hacking by key loggers or any other password hackers. Moreover most people are reluctant to enter passwords when they are at any public computer. But with this service you can freely gain access to any service requiring log in.

mySafeBox : This is a site which instead of storing passwords prepares reminders for your passwords. You can log on to your account any time. Particularly a useful service to create back ups for your passwords which you don’t use often. This site can help you in times when try to retrieve your hidden password from your mind and it returns you back a 404 error.