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Using Google Docs Plug-in For Microsoft Office | Offisync

For many years we are hearing that the future is of cloud computing. But synchronizing the offline world with online world is the only way which makes a perfect match for users. Neither only the online applications can fulfill all the demands of an active user, nor can mere offline applications allow you to remain synchronized with your friends and colleagues.
For example take the example of online text editor Google docs of Google which allows you to edit your documents online and as your work is saved online you can allow your friends to edit your work. Not only this but you can see other users’ editing online in real time “character by character”. Moreover you can chat with the person by using the chat option presented in Docs. You can also edit your Google docs documents from any mobile device like Android-based handsets running Froyo version 2.2 as well as from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running Apple iOS version 3 or higher. Thus Google Docs now enables you to edit your documents on the go. These are the amazing features which make Google docs an amazing tool but young Docs still lags behind the most popular competitor Microsoft Office for many functionalities which Google Docs is unable to provide yet. On the other hand Microsoft Office provides you with a solid control but cannot make you go online for collaboration with friends for editing any documents in real time. That is why I say that combination of both offline and online tools can make a perfect match.
And, now this has happened now, as Google has released a plug-in for Microsoft office which allows you to make Google Docs go compatible with Microsoft office. Plug-in is known as Offisync. More precisely this is an add-on allowing you to import and export the files from Google docs to Office and vice versa. More precisely the plug-in is an add-on with the help of which you can import your documents from Google Docs, edit them and then export them to back to your Google Docs library. You can import text documents, spreadsheets and presentations.
However one ambiguity is caused among many people who become confused with the name of plug-in. The plug-in offisync does no actually automatically synchronize your office edited files with that of Google docs and vice versa. But it only allows you to create versions of files for editing which you can then import or export to any of the editor.
Despite being a very useful plug-in, it might not be very much helpful. This is because Microsoft Office contains many features and functionalities which Google Docs is unable to provide. This can make some of the options of office incompatible with Docs. The plug-in however carries some potential uses for many users like many of you might not be comfortable using an online editor but still want to benefit from real time collaborative edits. For this purpose you can create or edit an office file and then export it to online Google docs interface. Thus, allowing you to allow other people to edit files.

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