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Using Google Translator As Urdu/English Dictionary

Google has now released Google translator in Urdu too. Best thing is that when I was searching for online Urdu to English dictionary. I was not able to find even a single reliable tool for translation of Urdu words. Then an idea stuck in my mind to use Google translator as a dictionary.
You can translate from Urdu to English and vice versa with the help of Google translator. You can translate even the whole paragraphs. More than 40 languages are available. The translation quality for Urdu sentences is not as good at this time as it is an alpha version yet. Translator is not fully capable to judge sentence structure. But it is going to be better with time as Google has integrated automatic evolutionary feature in it. See as an example a mind blowing piece of quality translation!

There is an option to submit your own translations which will help the translator to improve its future translations. Due to automatic evolutionary feature translator interprets the submitted human translations and then tends to align the future translations according to the model. In this way you can help improve the quality of translation.
Rumors are that Google is soon going to release Punjabi translation. If this happens it will prove very useful tool as there is no option available for Punjabi translation.