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Download Google Translate Portable USB Pen-Drive Flash Version

Google Translate Portable USB Pen drive is a free software application by Google, which allows you to translate in more than 50 languages with one click. You can make translation of language without even knowing, which language is at the input side, with its auto-detect language feature. This is particularly helpful in the cases when user confronts with an unknown language. Google translate pendrive version is only a portable version of translation tool of google present online translator. Google translate portable does not need any installation to run. You can run it on any computer using a USB flash drive stick.

Google translate is the best rated translation software on the globe when compared with other translation tools like Yahoo!'s Babel Fish and Microsoft's translation tool. Its best feature is its ability to align itself with the better translation feature translations. That is why it is said that Google translate will improve its translation uality with time.

With portable pen drive version of Google translate, making translations is easier than ever. You can take the translation tool with yourself anywhere, where ever you go. And can make translation any time by just plugging in the USB pen drive into any computer. You can download Google Translate portable pen drive version below.

Size | 1.7 MB
Operating System Supported | All Windows Versions
Link | Download Google translate Portable Pen drive
Author | Alexey ILJIN