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Benefits / Advantages to Set Your Blog Dofollow

As we all know, nofollow tag was introduced by Google due to increasing number of link selling practices. These practices were severly deteriorating the structure on which Google runs. As a result it became a common practice to put a nofollow tag for outgoing links. It is said that nofollow stops the drain-out of pagerank, as Google do not considers nofollow links as backlinks.

But inspite of all that there are number of blogs on internet which are dofollow. Authors have intentionally set them as dofollow. You can find dofollow blogs related to your nichie here. Most of the dofollow blogs I have seen maintain a high pagerank. So what is the whole theory behind this? Is it in our advantage to make our blog go dofollow?
After a lot of thinking and analyzing I am now able to justify why dofollow can prove beneficial for you:
Automatic increase in content
Dofollow blogs do not have nofollow attribute in comments, as a result everyone likes to give comment on them. As a result a large number of people tend to pour useful material in their comments in order to get approved during moderation. One thing to keep in mind: Dofollow blogs often have strict mederation going-on due to high spam risk. In the long run this practice turns out to contribute for large amount of focused, useful and keyword targeted content without any effort.
Automatic regular updating
As dofollow blogs are rare and tons of people are available to comment all the time, as a result it goes similar to regular updating. Search engines are always hungry for blogs which are regularly updated and love to place them at top in SERPs (Search engine result pages) more often.
Sticky behaviour of visitors
People come of-and-on on the blog and some search engine optimizers think that google takes into account a value for this behaviour. A plus point for SEO of the blog.
And Finally more traffic
Often people bookmark dofollow blogs to come later for commenting when newer content is posted, leading to a growing readership base and more pageviews and visitors for owners.

Note: You can find dofollow blog list here.