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What are Dofollow blogs?
Dofollow blogs are those blogs which do not contain a nofollow tag in their comments. That is why, any link given in the comments of a dofollow blog can help increase your pagerank. Dofollow actually do not exist in reality but only the abscence of a nofollow is considered as a dofollow.
Dofollow blogs are very rare. It is thought that abscence of nofollow (and hence dofollow) leads to the evaporation of pagerank of host blog. This is because of the model on which most search engines like Google rely on. That is why it is very difficult to find dofollow blogs now-a-days as no one wants to drain out their hard earned pagerank, but inspite of that a large number of dofollow blogs exist on internet.
This is due to many reasons. One being the most advantageous one is the automatic increase in content of the blog via comments. People like to comment and give backlinks on dofollow blogs to increment their pagerank. For this they may go polite and targeted to the real topic of the post while commenting. They may become careful to pour-in as much useful material in the comments as they can to make their comment go approved by the blog owner. This leads to steady increase of quality content along with the increase in keyword density. As a result search engines put them in the top of SERPs more often.
Second benefit for going for dofollow blog is regular updating of content. The commenting on dofollow blogs go on for long time due to its viral nature. As a result  this is accompained by regular updating via comments. Again search engines like this behaviour. So, another plus point.
Third reson is: Some search engine optimizers think that search engines like Google account for a parameter in their algorithm by which they detect those blogs whose readers are more sticky towards them, and for dofollow blogs, this behaviour is attained very easily. People come of and on to comment. As a reseult that parameter accounts that the material on the blog (may be a single post) has not gone outdated. Thus eliminates the probability of old posts going dead. 
On the other hand dofollow blogs face a large number of spam comments. Here nofollow also serves as a tool to reduce the comment spamming. Blog owners use automated comment spam filtering plug-ins to avoid comment spamming.
In addition dofollow blog owners also strictly moderate comments to manage the quality. In order to avoid spamming attacks, many websites having universal editable structure like wikipedia also use nofollow.


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