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Great List Of Dofollow Blogs

    * Search engine to find list of dofollow blogs realated to your keywords.
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With the help of search engine above you can get a list of dofollow blogs related to your keywords, where you can give your comments and place a backlink of your own. But remember not to spam.
The benefit is that you can get a list which will be related to the topic of your own blog. Thus giving you more credit. Please keep in mind not to spam and stay targeted to topic, otherwise blog owner may reject your comment during moderation.
SEO practices while commenting on dofollow blogs:
Keep your pace steady

If you are placing backlinks then be steady in your job. Do not give more than five links on any given day. This practice will help the search engines to understand that the acquired links are natural. Otherwise you may get caught as a spammer, and your blog or will have to stay in sandbox for months.
Give links on sites related to your nichie
Try to give backlinks on sites which are more related to the topic on which you blog. This improves the relevance and gives you more credit than if you link on unrelated sites.
For this purpose the above presented dofollow blog search engine can serve as a best tool. Just input the keywords and you will get a list of dofollow blogs related to your topic.
Give Deep Links
You should adopt a habit to give deep links instead of regular top level or home page links. Deep links are links of your posts for example:
is an example of deep link. Deep link is an effective way as it can benefit you more than you think. This model preserves the natural tone of linking structure. There is more probability that such links may be considered as natural by search engines. You can use the above mentioned search engine to generate a list of dofollow blogs related to the topic of your "particular" post. Then you can leave your comment and leave a link of that particular blog post. An additional benefit you will get is that the topic under discission on the host blog will have a greater possibility to mach with the context of your blog post, which you are going to link.
If these practices go on consistently for a period of 2-3 months, it will surely help you to skyrocket your pagerank.