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How To Access The Blocked Websites

Now-a-days it is drastically becoming common, in Universities Schools, Colleges, Institutions, and Organizations, The use of different Blocking Techniques to block various websites. So it serves as big hurdle for many net savvy people, who mainly are involved in social networking websites. But Good news for them, that now they can fully access any website, although many of us already know many ways to solve this hurdle, these are some which are really helpful:
1- For Orkut Savvy’s: Are you an Orkut Savvy, Then no need to worry now, these are some websites which can allow you to access Orkut from any place whether it is blocked:
2- Use of proxy Servers: Use of proxy Servers is somewhat becoming more and more common now-a-days. Actually what proxy servers do is that they hide the identity of your computer over the internet and allows you to go through any website. Your identity is not disclosed rather the identity of the proxy server machine is used over the internet. As a result you are not seen by any blocking agent programs. I recommend these websites if you want to avail the facility of proxy servers:
3- Converting your IP to Decimal Address: Ok, this is a trick whereby you can calculate your particular decimal address for your URL. For this at first you will have to know your IP address corresponding to your URL. You can have it, just go to Web Server IP Checker and check the IP equivalent of your URL. After this just go to RedRoster. At RedRoster you will have to plug-in your IP and hit the button, Calculate. And you get your Decimal equivalent of your IP address. That will be like this something “xxxxxxxx”. Now you have to input this in to your browser in the format like this: http://xxxxxxx , You are done and now enjoy!
4- Converting URL to IP: As I previously mentioned that every URL has its corresponding IP address, which is in digits instead of alphabets. So, what you have to do is that sometimes there is no need to convert your IP address into its Decimal equivalent. Just the IP address conversion works fine, so you don’t need to go through the stuff mentioned above. Just convert URL into IP via Web Server IP Checker, and plug the output in the address bar of your browser, But if this hangs, then you have to go through procedure mentioned in point 3.
5- Softwares for Proxies: Also there are a lot many proxy softwares available on net. Just go to Google and you will find a vast list.
But anyhow my favorites are, and by the way they are free: