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Best Keyword Density For SEO

It is a well known fact among a large number of webmasters that keyword density is very vital for proper SEO of your content. But what keyword density is actually correct for the optimization purposes? This is a valid question asked many times. This is because proper keyword density provides a correct focus and orientation for a specific task which you desire to perform e.g., presenting a piece of content to some sort of audience. Search engines mainly employ the method of measuring keyword density of any particular keyword in a piece of text. Roughly keyword density is measure of number of times a particular word appears in a text divided by the total number of words written.
So question is what keyword density should I maintain in my article? Can I stuff my article with too many keyword repetitions to make the density go high above the sky or a normally written article directed toward some topic is enough?  Will too high a keyword density ruin my SEO or is beneficial?

The answer in my opinion is you should forcefully try to maintain the keyword density not more that 2.0% to 2.5%. This is the answer which I am giving not on the basis of any intuition but on experimental basis. I have gone through the experience many times when an article of mine was not at the top of SERPs although having a very nice keyword density perhaps more than 15% or beyond. I am not making my judgment on the basis of only mere few article rankings but I have experienced this phenomenon many times. I have seen talks among people on forums and blogs on this issue. Too high a keyword density goes into a pattern which gives search engines a suspicion of keyword spamming. You should accommodate you’re your keywords in your article in a nice natural way. And most of the time, natural writing patterns do not allow the density to go above 3% in most cases. You can see naturally written contents for clarification.
You might be of the opinion at this point that good keyword density can make you strong to fight against the tough competition in a niche carrying lots of competition. This might be true in the past but not now. Believe me; search engines now-a-days have evolved themselves so much that now we can consider them a human working at super human speed, in matter of quality judgment. Search engines now-a-days prefer the content which seems to be natural one. The semantics now-a-days is going better and better and that is why you can bring you article up in the rankings only if you are providing quality. Same rehashed content will not help boost your rankings. Try to write original unique content proving to provide quality. Writing for search engines is the biggest mistake which most of the web masters make. In future semantics will become better than ever and only those will survive who provide solutions to the problems in the true manner.
One thing more to keep in mind is to decrease the keyword density “forcefully “  (as I previously said) to a level of 2% to 2.5% even if the stuffing of keyword beyond this limit fits perfect and does not ruins the beauty of writing. Once your writing style becomes natural search engine will start loving your content.