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Contextual Tag Cloud Generator

Many webmasters having websites with huge amount of content now use tag clouds to increase their page views. Using tag cloud is the best way to allow readers explore more of your content with greater ease. Tag cloud help webmasters to increase their page views.
Tag Cloud work on principles that more views any webpage receives, more prominent it should be in the cloud. While some tag clouds make use of the principle that more any topic is related to the central theme of that webpage on which the tag cloud is present, more prominent it should be. Tag clouds make use of database of any website to populate the cloud.
Tag clouds are more effective than search engines because users find pre-populated tags which have more tendencies to be clicked by user as compared to search engines where user has to input data manually. That is why most websites prefer the use of tag clouds.
Tag Cloud Having Potential to Triple Your Page views and Chitika Earnings: Asterpix
Recently I came across a website asterpix.com, offering third party application services for tag clouds. You were provided with html code, which you are supposed to embed at the location where you want the tag cloud to appear. The crawler at Asterpix automatically crawl the content of that webpage contextually, picks the keywords and then searches your website and populates the tag cloud with the most relevant results.
Tag cloud is available in number of different formats. The design is rather simple and is built to attract visitors. It has a potential to boost your page views. 
Whenever anyone hits any entry in the tag cloud it is directed to a page populated by the search query of that entry. It searches within the website and populates the results like a search engine.
Adsense ads are present at the top, bottom and at the side-bar and search results are enclosed by these ads. Adsense ads are served by your adsense account publisher ID which you provide during registration. You own all the adsense revenue generated by the ads at top and bottom while ads at the side-bar are the property of Asterpix.
Many advertising networks show ads to visitors that come from search engine only. The example is Chitika Ad network which only displays ads to visitors who come from USA or Canada through search engines. For that type of ad networks you can use Asterpix on your website. Now if any of the visitor either from search or typing traffic visitors surf your website via tag cloud it will be considered as search engine visitor by the ad network, because Asterpix uses search option to populate the search results. 
Link | Asterpix