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Do Amount Of Searches Received (Search Volume) By Any Website Have Effect On Its Position (And Page Rank) In Search Engine Results (SERPs)

Now-a-days many newbie’s are of the view that if any website is searched more in Google, it will help in boosting their Page Rank as well as more high it will lie in Search engine result pages (SERPs).
This is a big misconception in the minds of a lot of people. In fact Page Rank of any website has nothing to do with search volume of any website, or blog. If this would be the case then a website having enormous amount of searches every month, will not come down in search results no matter what quality of content it presents. Moreover on the other hand, newly created websites will never come-up in search engine results.
Although it was announced by Google, that it will now populate the search results using the previous web history of its users, but it is totally a different case, algorithmically.
In fact Google uses in its search algorithm more than 200 signals to judge where to place any particular webpage in search engine results. If you really sincere and want to increase your Page Rank then focus more on your quality and quantity of content than any other thing. Pamper your blog or website with original content on regular basis. The sites which have more content have greater probability of bubbling up in search engines.