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Google vs Face book Advertising

Now-a-days Google and Face book are two largely growing companies although both have a large difference between the structures on which they work. One is a search engine and the other is a social networking website. According to face book, it has about 400 million active users in its database. And the number is growing. The number will surly grow, because internet users are growing every day. With the advanced technology of broadband and affordable prices now-a-days more and more users are connecting to internet. As a result more users will go online providing more users to face book. As the facebook network is growing, so its advertising revenues. Many people see face book as a competitor of Google in future. Google however has already set up its vast advertising network, Google Adsense. It consists of mainly two divisions: One is Google’s own websites like, Gmail, YouTube etc and the other is Google partner websites network. The main difference in these two is that the revenue which is generated by Google’s own network is on the whole belongs to Google only, while the revenue generated by its partner websites is divided between the owner of partner websites that is between publishers and Google.
Face book on the other hand do not have a structure that it can carry any network. It is a social networking website and uses only its own space for advertisements. Google generated about 21 billion dollars in revenues in 2008.

Main Difference between Google and Face book advertisement
Google's structure of advertisements differs very much from that of Face book's. Google uses keyword targeting to focus its advertisements towards the public. Ads displayed on Google’s partner website uses crawler to crawl then content and then judges the direction in which the content is directed. It checks the keywords and finds its density to target ads. So their advertising network is contextual. Moreover now Google also uses cookie information of the user to target ads. In this system of targeting users see ads which are very much relevant to the content, for which they are searching. For example I have seen many times ads, whose presence on a particular website makes no sense, otherwise but they are targeted via help of cookie information. On technology website for example, I saw computer programming ads. Which had no relation with them, as the website was only targeted towards technology related products news.
I then cleared my browsing data and deleted the cookies, reloaded the website and found no previously seen ads. Rather they were replaced by contextually targeted ads. This type of technique proves very much powerful if you have a purpose to sell particular products related to any particular niche.
Face book’s advertisement scheme is on the other hand very much different. Face book uses interests of users to target the ads, on its network. When any user makes an account on face book he has to fill its profile information. As a result face book knows about his every user, his age, interests, community, hobbies etc. Face book then uses this information to target the advertisements to its users. As a result of this type of advertisement scheme, advertisers are not able to fully target their particular products or services. Rather face book can only provide the targeting facilities of general products. Moreover the bid price at face book is much lower, as compared to Google. Face book proves very useful for advertisers which products or services which are generally needed.
For example, you cannot run an effective campaign, selling hemorrhoid (piles) remedy products. Because they are not generally needed by everyone rather a particular group of people having hemorrhoids are the target. So you will not be able to target or confine your campaign to that specific group of people suffering from hemorrhoids. Moreover no one suffering from hemorrhoids comes to face book in the search of hemorrhoids remedy. As a result your campaign remains unfruitful.
On the other hand if you are an advertiser, with any general product like teeth whitener for example, then facebook targeting structure can prove useful for you, as teeth whitener is general product, moreover you know the age group which mostly needs teeth whitener etc. Advertising campaigns like adverts of TV shows also stand in this category. You can advertise these kinds of advertisements and target with the help of age group, geographic location, interests etc.
Recently Google CEO said that face book is not a competitor, of Google. I think he has said this on these same grounds. As face book is not capable of keyword targeting. But now you can better judge that what suits most to you. Although Google is more powerful than face book in the matter of targeting, but most people move from Google to face book only due to the fact that competition at Google adwords (Google's advertisement program for advertisers) is very much less as compared to face book. In adwords people bid on keywords, more they bid more exposure to their ads is given. Google inventory on the average contains about 100,000 advertisers big and small at any specific time. So with such a large inventory, the competition between advertisers on bidding any particular keyword is very much high. That’s why most of the people want to move towards face book and other advertising options.


Andy Wright said...

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