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Increase Adsense Revenue by Increasing Click Health

Impressions matters a lot to click health in Google Adsense. Have you ever wondered why in adsense impressions were counted and displayed, even before the release of CPM program? The answer is impressions help in determining health of adsense clicks.
Now question is how? As we know that we generate revenue for every adsense click we receive. Now greater the clicks greater will be the revenue. Now suppose person A receives 500 impressions daily and 20 clicks. Person B receives 500 impressions and 10 clicks. Now also consider impressions made by same IPs are placed in one slot.
Dividing 500 by 20, result is 25 impressions per click, for person A. For person B there are 50 impressions per click. What this tells us is that person A has lesser traffic than person B (Remind that we have placed the impressions made by same person in the same slot). Now as the traffic increases the quality of clicks increases. This is a well known fact. What is the result considering this fact into account? Result is impressions give us a measure of traffic indirectly. Moreover more unique impressions are, more quality traffic it is, and more quality clicks it will generate. By quality of clicks I mean that it will have greater tendency to generate sales for advertisers.

In fact adsense algorithm contains some factor carrying weight age of impressions in it, which determines the health of clicks generated. More healthy clicks are more revenue they will generate. Here I will say one more thing, which is a lot of people say that CPC is pre-specified by the publisher and not in the hands of Google. Yes it is right that CPC is pre-specified by the advertiser who starts the campaign at adwords but one thing to remember is that not always Google give us the whole specified CPC every time. Rather it releases the pre-specified CPC money according to the health of that click, up to the maximum cost set for that click by the advertiser. Moreover the click cost can slightly raise the specified cost if the click generated is of an extra ordinary value (determined by the health).
You should integrate your adsense ads in the location where there is a big chance that you will receive huge amount of impressions. For example you may integrate a banner ad at the top most, above the fold. This does not generate many clicks; it will however help boost the health of clicks which you will receive from other locations. By placing an ad at such a location will increase the number of impressions received providing more variety also.  Better the health of a click generated more you will get out of that click or in other words it will ultimately tend to increase cost per click (CPC) of clicks generated thus considerably increasing your adsense revenue.