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Top Websites to Chat Anonymously

Here I will present some popular anonymous chat websites.You can chat with random strangers, without making any account or showing your identity. Chatting with a stranger in itself is a fun. You can go this way whenever you find none of your friends online. For using these websites you have no need to download or install any software and the services are free. Anonymous chatting websites are going more and more popular now-a-days. Most of these websites puts in front of you a stranger from any part of the world; the selection is at random, so you are not at all pretty sure that by whom you will be connected.Following are some anonymous chat websites:
1.     Omegle
2.     Chatroulette
3.     AnyBodyOutThere
4.     OnlyChat 

Omegle is by far the most popular anonymous chat network. It allows text caht with any anonymous random stranger. Additionally you can use your webcam as Omegle also allows Webcam conversations. Sometimes when I get bored, I move to Omegle as my preffered choice. This is due to many reasons: Omegle has a large user base, I have not seen less than 4000 people available any time. As a result there is a greater possibility that you will be connected with a different person, when ever you disconnect with your present chat partner. In addition to this, the interface is simple and hastle free. You don't need to "stare closely" on the web page for finding what to do next. You can save your conversation and send it to your friends also, if you find it intresting. On the other hand, if you find your current partner the most boring man on the planet, you can simply switch to the next using "Disconnect" button. Switching to the next partner takes less than 15 seconds. It is always recommneded not to share your personal information like financial informations, credit card numbers etc.

Chatroulette is another website providing random anonymous chatting facility. It provides both video and text chatting facilities. it seems that it is more populated than the former one Omegle. Chatroulette was created by a russian student and went hugely popular over time, since after its creation. It is almost similar in operation when compared with Omegle, but only the inferface is somewhat heavy. 

This is another 
anonymous chat website but not much popular yet. And this service has got a totally new idea. At start page it provides you with space for 110 characters to show up what is in your mind for which you want your talk to begin. The system will then search for the most relevant chat partners to compile a list. You can see the profile and messages of your partners before starting chat. Once you sart your conversation you can add the partner into your contacts list to make a contact at any later time. But to do this you have to sign-up first. This is the structure which makes it unique from the other ones. 

OnlyChat is another service where you can specify your gender before you begin a chat. You can select the gender of your chat partner. The website is new yet so does not carry a large user base. So there is a chance that you might be connected again by the same partner by whom you ended with.
And now, If you know about any other anonymous chatting websites do share with us.