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How to Prevent The Creation Of Thumbs.db File?

First of all, what is Thumbs.db? Ok, Thumbs.db is a automatic system generated file which is made by the system whenever we surf the web. Thumbs.db file actually serves as a cache for the images or image-parts of a web page, which prevents the downloading of those thumnails to download again and again, when we load the web page later at any other time during our session. This adequately reduces the loading time making the browsing swifter, additionaly causing us to used less bandwidth.

This Thumbs.db file have some disadvantages also in some cases. For example if you want to browse the web privately then even if you clear all the "History" information, thumbs.db leaves the traces behind.

In these circumstances you can prevent the system to create thumbs.db file for your session. By doing this of course, the loading time for web pages and hence the browsing speed may effect a little. To get rid of thumbs.db file you have to follow the following simple steps:

1- First of all go to "My Computer" and double click the icon. On opening the Window, click on the "Folder Options" in "Tools Tab". You can see this right below.

2- Next, to prevent the thumbs.db file to generate in future, move to "View" tab at the top. Check the option "Do not cache Thumbnauils".

3- Press Ok and that was all. Now relax and enjoy traceless browsing.

If you want see the directory in which thumbs.db file is present you can do so by checking the option "Show hidden files and folders".