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Radar Guns To Detect Bombs

In some recent years we have seen a major up rise in terrorist attacks in many countries of
the world. One of them at the top list is Pakistan, the country where I live.
Regardless of the fact that where these type of incidents occur, these unfortunate
events are of great concern now-a-days.
The matter is going more and more serious day-by-day due to
the increasing number of causalities occurring everyday.  That is why many universities private and
government are conducting research and working hard to propose a model capable
to stop these types of terrorist attacks.

Currently a group of developers at University of California
at Santa Cruz (USA) and the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterrey (Mexico)
are working for the same issue. Recently it was said that they have achieved
some level of success by modifying the design of previously existing gun based radar system, which is said
to be capable of detecting the bombs used in suicide attacks from the distance
of 10 meters in 85% of cases. The device can identify any bomb worn under the clothing.
10 meters do not seem a lot but the idea and approach in itself is interesting
and we can hope that the device will considerably extend its detection range in
near future.
The device uses the approach in which typically used loop
wiring connection used in vest bombs are detected. The team has compiled all
the common typically used wiring connection patterns into a database. The radar
cross section detects the pattern used and then software matches it with the
patterns stored in the database.
Currently the biggest problems developers are facing are
signals “false positives” which lead to an erroneous detection of the target.
To eliminate this fault and to increase the range of device, scientists are now
thinking of using this system in collaboration with other modern techniques
like infrared imaging and surveillance camera systems.