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Send Tweets From FireFox Address Bar

Twitter is by far the most popular social model website among a large number of users, which allow users to publish thier thoughts for sharing them with the world. But still you have move to the homepage of to send the tweets. That is why the traditional method consumes a lot of time and thus is a waste of time.

But no need to go all through the twitter home page for sending a single tweet now. You can now send tweets from the address bar of your Mozilla FireFox browser. This tip will save many minutes for you and will allow you to tweet more frequently.

To perform the task you have to download an add-on for FireFox known as TwitterBar(You can download it right now from the link present at the bottom of post). With this add-on will be able to write messages and post them in the popular microblogging network without ever leaving the page.

The downloading and installation of plug-in reqquires merely a few minutes. After the installation you will see your address bar modified by presence of the twitter bird. If you drag your mouse on the twitter button it will show you the editing space and the number of characters left.

Isn't this a smart and simple way to tweet?

Download : TwitterBar