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Choosing Best Antivirus for Linux, Ubuntu

People do not give much attention, whenever it comes to the security of Linux platform. So, much people don't consider it   that important. Although it is correct that Linux has a strong built-in immunity against viruses, ad-wares, malwares etc. due to its profound security designing features. Therefore, Linux is much more vulnerable to Viruses, Worms, Ad-wares, and Malwares etc.
But however, it is recommended to install any Anti-Virus program. There are always threats surrounding your machine. For example if your computer is a part of a network, on which machines Running Windows versions are also connected then your machine is always at risk. Moreover if you are using your machine, running any flavor of Linux, as a port for receiving and sending mails over any network, then your machine is again at risk.
There are now many options available for Linux users, to choose an antivirus. One of the most popular is Avast's Version for Linux. It is available FREE, for Personal and any other non-commercial use. Its kernel is the same as that for Windows versions, so the updates for Linux version are the same as that for the windows version. The design is intuitive.
F-Prot is another one. It is usually known for its use in network servers but you can use it for your personal use. It can scan the hard drives, the emails; moreover it can scan the compressed folders.
ClamAV came earlier for Linux than the former two. It is amazing software which has the ability to scan a lot of file formats. These include CAB files, Rich Text File, CHM files, HTML, PDF, moreover it can scan emails, and compressed folders.
My recommendation is to use Avast! On your personal machine as it is more flexible to use at home, due to its intuitive design. While having features to protect your machine, at its best.