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Creating a Slide Show using Picasa 3

Creating slide shows has been a fun since some last few years, with the emergence of more powerful image editors. Before the availability of these tools it was quite much tedious task. You were first supposed to resize the photos to make them fit in the frame, also you were have to keep into account, the size of the whole stuff, if you wanted to post it to a friend or relative via email.
But now these all tasks have been contracted to mere few clicks. One of the most powerful tools available now-a-days, as an image processing tool, is Google’s Picasa. Beside its use at homes, it is widely used for commercial purposes. And now its new version Picasa 3 has come. You can grasp it from Picasa’s website.
Creating slide shows in Picasa 3 is not easy but, it’s fun. Go to Picasa’s website, download new version of Picasa that is Picasa 3. It’s free. You will have to have a Gmail account in order to download. It will not cost you much space of your hard drive. Now after installation, Picasa will contract all your images, present on your hard drive, into a folder with respect to date and the name of the folder. You can select any photo or if you want to collect many, just select all that with the help of right click of mouse. Or you can do the same with the help of keyboard. All you have to do is to press the ctrl key and clicking the desired photo.
Now at the folder screen at the top most, left part of the screen a button named "Movie Presentation" is present. From that part of the screen you will also come to know that, you can also add audio in your slide show, can adjust the transition style, or adding captions if any, you want. Now add the selected images, to create the slide show. Now after creating your slide show click "Create Movie" button and your slide show will be saved. It will be saved in the .wmv format.
Now enjoy the slide show, Post it to friends to show your creation.